Make An Offer

How "Make An Offer" Works?

Dito sa Bangketa.PH, abot ka namin!

Although our prices are already cheap compare to the retail value of the products, Bangketa.PH wants to be as flexible as it can when it comes to our prices so buyers can afford the items while being comfortable with what they will pay for. 

Make An Offer is a great way to buy the item you’ve been looking for at a bargain price as well as saving money.

1. Click the "Make an Offer" button if you want us to lower the price for you.

2. Enter your offer amount, email, active mobile number, name and any other notes na gusto nyong malaman namin regarding sa item na gusto nyo.

- Lower the price kasi bibili ka ng maraming quantity (more than 2 above).
- Di mo naabutan yung last sale ng Bangketa.PH.
- And other details kung bakit you want to avail discount. (being broken-hearted is not a valid reason)

3. Click "Send Offer"

4. Kumalma and please wait up to 24 hours to get the result of your offer which can be:

a. Offer Accepted - Para sa "makatarungang" offer at kaaya-ayang nilalang, you will receive a text/email from Bangketa.PH with a code na pwede mong i-apply sa checkout to get the discount na ni-offer mo for that specific item/items.
b. Counter Offer - Your offer is not accepted BUT we will send a text/email of the price we think we can both benefit, together with a code na pwede mong i-apply sa checkout to avail the discount.
c. Offer Rejected - LMAO with your offer. Kaya ka iniiwan. You are better than this! 

5. Accepted offers are only valid within 48 Hours once ma-recieve ang text/email.

6. You can also use the offer code if you're planning to pay in installment.

Bongga di'ba? Tumawad na, nag-Installment pa! We got you fam!

You can also contact us sa aming "Online Chat" para sa real-time tawaran in the right bottom corner of your screen or message us in our: